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Copywriting and copyediting go hand in hand. If done right, they can create the most effective copy for your content marketing strategies. But are they the same thing? This blog will help you get clear on this matter.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the craft of writing marketing or sales promotions for products, services, online marketing campaigns, SEO, and more. The goal of copywriting is to bring attention to your brand by persuading people to act, using a CTA (Call-To-Action). This includes buying your product, capturing user’s information in your contact form, or getting them to click the contact button.

Copywriting is not the same as traditional, formal writing. For example, when writing a blog – or an article, you don’t always ask the readers to take action or buy something at the end of it. It’s also true that in many blogs, the readers are invited to “comment.” 

In many copywriting activities, the readers (audience) may be requested to take action and press a button on the bottom of a social media post or in the website copy.

So, what is good copywriting?

Good copywriting is copy that drives people to take the desired action you defined in advance. If your goal is to have people call your call-center, then good copy will accomplish that goal.

If your goal is to create effective lead funnels and increase conversion rates through your marketing automation activities, good copywriting will accomplish that.

Tone of voice 

Suitable copywriting needs to cater to the target audience you are promoting to. If you’re promoting vegan burgers to vegetarians, the copywriting must speak to vegans. So, do the images need to be in line with the copy.

The power of images with your copy

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Copywriting needs to reflect the image, and the image needs to reflect good copywriting. 

For example, an image of a half-sliced orange with the copy “VITAMIN C” speaks differently than the same image with the copy “THE SHARPEST KNIFE IN THE WORLD. 

One talks about health, the latter about a product’s features. 

Good copy complements images perfectly! 

What type of projects are best suited for copywriting? The answer is simple: everything that generates content that is part of your overall marketing strategy. Whether you need copy for your social media posts, blogs (focusing on a clear CTA), newsletter marketing, landing pages, websites, and more – copywriting is vital to make a good content strategy work for your business. 

What is copyediting?

Copyediting is the task that involves checking written content typos, grammar mistakes, terminology and vocabulary, redundant wording, syntax, spelling, and punctuation issues before it goes to proofreading. 

Depending on the service level (and the customer’s budget), a copyeditor can rewrite and fix any problems with the content, such as wordiness, wrong terminology, jargon, and ensuring the publication’s content matches. 

Sounds similar to Copywriting? Maybe yes, but it’s not the same.

So, what is the difference between copywriting and copyediting?

Copyediting works on existing content and ensures that there are no English language problems (we’re using English since we do copy for companies in English) or any other language in the world because everyone sells, after all. After the copywriter creates the copy for the company – having the Call-To-Action in mind, it is sent to the copyeditor to copy edit. 

Copyediting is not limited to general marketing, online marketing campaigns, or social media campaigns that aim to create inbound marketing. It can be used for articles and traditional English writing. 

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