Many of our clients have asked us, “Why do I need a landing page if I have a beautifully designed website”?

There are many important reasons for having a landing page, well over the 5 reasons we wrote in this blog. Our humble experience gives us a good basis to believe we will convince you before the 5th reason. So we limited this blog to 5 reasons. After all, your time is precious.

Let’s begin!

The 5 reasons your business needs an extraordinary landing page

1) Screen unqualified Leads

Many times, screening unqualified leads is more important than generating them. You probably think there’s a mistake in the order of this blog, but be sure we proofread our blogs three times before they go live!

Generating leads cost time and money. This means if your business generates 1,000 leads that are not qualified, then it’s a waste of your energy, time, and money – along with other bad medicine, like bounce rates, low conversions, and high cost-per-lead.

Screening unqualified leads helps you create a database comprising mostly of qualified leads. A properly managed mailing list full of good leads that apply to your business is an essential ingredient to successful marketing campaigns. 

So, how does a landing page screen unqualified lead?

2) Define your user persona(s)

Since your visitors “grant access” to their information before getting something in return (we’ll talk about lead magnets in reason #4), you need to use the contact form for your business interests.

When you design the contact form, you want your visitors to fill in all sorts of information that includes contact information, gender, age, and other demographics, essential to segment the leads to user personas. This way, you cater your content marketing around their needs, desires, and pain points.

Yes, this means that you can tailor newsletters according to any user persona you predefined. Men could receive one piece of content, and women something else – although you offer both the same product.

By segmenting your content according to user personas, your business will increase conversion rates and sales. And yes, you will save truckloads of marketing dollars!

3) Lead-Generation (aka Lead-gen) 

Now that you’ve happily screened leads, what you get is as close as possible to the face value of what your campaign has generated for you.

Landing page templates have a simple design that encourages linear scrolling, and this way, funnel the desired call-to-action – mostly, it will be a lead form. This brings us to the next reason.

4) Lower the chance your leads derail from your content

Landing pages are designed to stimulate a specific action from your prospects and visitors. If you were to send your visitors to your website’s home page, they are exposed to a wider variety of actions they could take: from checking out your blog to reading about your history, scroll through your blogs and the like.

Though this engagement is also good for SEO and creating trust with your brand, it doesn’t necessarily serve the same function landing pages do.

Therefore, landing pages need to be designed with all the distractions removed. Let’s illustrate what we mean through the following questions:

Our goal is to minimize distractions and focus on the single objective – get the contact info in your database and convert!

5) Campaign about a specific product

If your business offers a limited campaign, whether it’s during the holiday season, or a year-end discount, the landing page gives you the flexibility to say things that are tailored to that specific campaign (and may not be included in your website). You could provide your leads detailed information about a particular product or a specific deal.

It is better to direct the campaign efforts to these distinct landing pages to increase the conversions and engagement around that campaign (product).

These pages will drive engaged buyers directly to the product and request to take action (buy, signup, comment).

Being in the marketing automation and content marketing arena, ThreeeDots extensively uses landing pages to carry out these strategies. We will be glad to talk more about your business marketing needs and create custom landing pages for your product or service.

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