Every day our inboxes are bombarded with countless email offers and newsletters that it can sometimes become overwhelming. What do you take the time to read and which ones do you delete without even opening? For most of us, we tend to stick with a few brands and companies we know and connect with on some level while the rest usually gets deleted without a second thought. 

That’s why when it comes to connecting with your users via email it’s important to make sure you have something insightful or interesting that will peak your user’s interest and get them to open your email. So how can you get the most from your ongoing email activities? Below we compiled some great tips that can help you better engage with your users and get the most from every email you send.

Segment your users

The old adage one size fits all no longer applies to great email marketing. Getting users to open, read, and even click on your email is going to take work. The best place to start is by segmenting your database of users into relevant groups or personas. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to find one or more common attributes that you can use to group users together. For example, you can group people by age, sex, location, interests, hobbies, income and much more. Keep in mind the more attributes you combine together the more targeted your groups will be. This also means your groups may be smaller in size. This isn’t a bad thing, sending a highly targeted message to a small group can still have a big impact.

Tailor your email to each segment

Now that you’ve found the right group of people, you’ll need to come up with the right content to send them. Each email should contain something interesting or insightful to keep your users engaged. Take for example an exercise app. Although the goal is to ultimately get users to purchase a subscription and spend money a better way to engage them would be to send their users useful information on proper nutrition and how to eat healthier. This helps build trust and gives the users something useful they can pair with the exercises they do on the app. Just make sure to send the right content to the right group as not everyone may be interested in the same things.

Vary your content

Don’t get comfortable sending the same offers or the same content over and over no matter how well it may have performed in the past. In order to get people to keep opening your emails, you’ll need to make sure you vary your content. This could mean switching it up between sending emails meant to generate sales and emails that provided some kind of information or added value to your users. Even if you send weekly or monthly newsletters make sure you switch it up. Even changing up your subject lines can have a nice impact on your open rates. Remember if you stick with the same thing your users will eventually stop engaging with your emails.

Don’t send too many emails

If there is one thing, we all hate it’s receiving too many emails from the same brand or company. Oftentimes these senders wind up going straight to the spam folder. But how do you know how much is too much? There is no exact number or formula which calculates how many emails you send each one of your users. You’ll need to do some good old trial and error work. In general, you should consider sending no more than a few times a week at most. If you do send weekly make sure you’re providing your users with something they want to see. Send important updates, useful tips, and special offers. Just make sure you keep an eye on your open and deliverability rates. Seeing a drop in either can mean you’re  sending too many emails as your users are becoming less engaged and reporting your emails as spam to their ESP.

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