The most important part of your online marketing activities lies in your mailing list. We like to say that there’s a goldmine hiding there, and this blog will explain why. Unfortunately, we have found that many businesses that are just starting out don’t realize the value of establishing a mailing list. The highest value compared to any other online method.

The best ROI you could reach is by incorporating an email campaign. There are many reasons for this, but we will explain the top 4.

Here are 4 reasons why building a mailing list is essential:

  1. Get customers to return
  2. It’s the most personal marketing approach
  3. The list is 100% yours
  4. Money, money, money

Get customers to return

The majority of people visiting your website will leave and never return. Forever! Think about the handful of websites you visit regularly and the websites you “bump” into and don’t remember them the day after. How many of them do you return to?

This means your visitors are super valuable to you, and the only way to bring them back is by getting their emails. Website visitors are much more likely to come back to websites if they receive an exciting newsletter (or blog post) or any other notification that may interest them.

A personalized marketing approach 

How do you feel when you receive an email that is addressing you by your name? Your leads and customers like to get that personalized approach too.

Using a personal approach boosts your email marketing strategy and gets more engagement. And the funny part is that it doesn’t take much. Using software like Mailchimp, SendinBlue, and properly collecting a mailing list (requesting your leads name) will gain you more business over time.

The list is 100% yours

The mailing list is yours. 100% of the people on your list are your real leads, followers, or customers. You have control only on your mailing list and your website from all of your online digital marketing strategies.

Your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, actually belong to these companies. When you publish a post, even if you pay for a sponsored post, it doesn’t reach 100% of your page’s followers. When shooting the send button on a mailing campaign, it reaches 100% of your list. This is because it is 100% yours!

Example of a post on Facebook to create new leads that will funnel into your mailing list.

Example of a post on Facebook

Your followers are much more likely to become paying customers. Look what they’ve gone through to become a row in your mailing list. For you, it’s much more than a row.

They’ve seen your online campaign on Facebook, clicked the MORE INFO button (below the post), and landed on your landing page. 

Now that they’ve signed up on your landing page, they are added as a lead that you can start sending email marketing campaigns to.


Why would any lead sign up on your website or landing page if they have no interest in any way to purchase your product or services? This means there is already a higher statistical chance that your subscribers will become paying customers.

They’re already interested in your industry and your niche. They’ve put in their time to sign up to become subscribers, and now the ball is in your hands.

So, we see that email listings are an essential part of your overall online marketing campaign, and it is your job to send them weekly or bi-monthly newsletters to engage, nurture and gradually turn them into customers.

Without a mailing list, you’re as good as your best-paid campaign. You don’t want to rely on how much you pay all the time.

How marketing automation connects it all together

We’ve discussed the reasons why your mailing list can be a gold mine but now we want to put it all together. Marketing automation can help you setup unique customer journeys which allow you to better engage and nurture your leads. This helps increase your conversions and can also boost your customers lifetime values. If you have a mailing list and are actively collecting user emails then you need to have automated funnels to get the most from your activities. Anything else would simply be a waste of time and money.

At ThreeeDots we create marketing and sales funnels, create automated mailing lists, write newsletters and nurture leads. We work hard to improve conversions for many companies in the online marketing arena.

Drop us a note at to schedule your free consultation. We’ll be glad to discuss your business goals with you. Visit us at for more information.

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